Motion Factory Racing Mounts FITS: KTM, HUSQVARNA, GAS GAS
Motion Factory Racing Mounts FITS: KTM, HUSQVARNA, GAS GAS

Motion Factory Racing Mounts FITS: KTM, HUSQVARNA, GAS GAS

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This is a 2-part footpeg system and platforms are sold separately. 
Package includes:
-Right and Left Stainless Steel mount with "limited lifetime warranty." See the warranty page for details. Spring and pin not included. Uses OEM springs and pins. 
-2 Chromoly steel spindles with reusable thread locker. 14mm wrench. Torque spec 30 ft/lbs 
-4 spindle bearings
-2 orings
-2 nylon lock nuts use an 8mm socket wrench. *IMPORTANT* When installing the platforms onto the spindle the nylon locking nut torque spec of 3 ft/lbs (hand tight) Once you feel it bottom out stop tightening and visually inspect to make sure the nylon in the nut has engaged with the last couple of threads on the spindle. Over-torquing/tightening will cause the threads to strip and fail. 
-2 bushings rating 80A
-2 bushings rating 90A colors will vary based on the stock at hand.
-2 Chromoly steel bushing bolts (bolt grade 12.9) with reusable thread-locker. 6mm Allen wrench. Torque spec 25 ft/lbs 
*All Hardware (spindle and bushing bolt) are non-heat treated and designed to bend back straight. Steal has excellent fatigue strength when it comes to getting bent. Footpegs tend to take the most abuse out of all the components. We designed our hardware to bend rather than brake in a significant impact. We find that a wrench or adjustable wrench will quickly and easily bend the bolt back straight. Please avoid using a hammer. A little leverage from a long-handled wrench or pipe will do the job. 
KTM 2016-2021 XCF/SXF

KTM 2017-2021 EXCF
KTM 2017-2021 SX/XC/XCW
HUSQVARNA 2017-2022 all models except 701

2021-2022 Gas Gas MC 85
2021-2022 Gas Gas MC 125
2022 Gas Gas MC 250
2021-2022 Gas Gas EC 250
2021-2022 Gas Gas EC 300
2022 Gas Gas EX 250
2021-2022 Gas Gas EX 300
2021-2022 Gas Gas MC 250 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas EC 250 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas EX 250 F
2022 Gas Gas MC 350 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas EC 350 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas EX 350 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas MC 450 F
2021-2022 Gas Gas EX 450 F 

*Tech note: The KGF mounts will work off all these models also with the newer style low profile spring used on the 2023 new frame they came out with. Just a heads up for consumers. Feel free to email us with questions about this.

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