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Off-Road Motorcycle Training
Become a Better Rider With Our Off-Road Expedition Training
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Adventures motorcycle rider riding in Vegas during our Off-road ADV training expeditions

Develop Solid Off-Road Motorcycle Skills

Being able to ride on-road and off-road with the same bike is like no other riding out there! You'll see things and get to places you've only dreamed of.

And with RIDE Adventures Off-Road ADV Training you'll develop the confidence and skills to do it safely. 


If you've dreamed of riding in remote places and foreign countries you've come to the right place.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned street rider, intermediate ADV rider, or a local town cruiser. You can take your riding to the next level and build your off-road riding skills with proper training.

RIDE Adventures Instructor Keith explaining how to balance during our ADV off-road training expedition
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Build Your Confidence Build Your Skills

Our team of seasoned ADV riders have guided and explored the world. And they're here to help you become a better off-road rider.

We're going to hone your technique and build your confidence to tackle any place you dream of riding.

Street Cred


"Eric and Crew have created an excellent Introductory Adventure Motorcycling Course.This was my first experience riding off of pavement...Read More

Richard F.
Portland, Oregon

"What a great experience! If you are looking to "try before you buy" or need a do anything motorcycle for an adventure, this is the place to go. The Ride Adventures team is professional and friendly. Read More

Dan Wellisch
Bend, Oregon

"Eric! We had a f___ing blast. We had a few WiFi-less days at the end or I would have written sooner. Yes- we hit a rabbit (or rather it hit us, pretty sure it was suicidal)...

Kendra and Rey
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Wanna Know What's In Our ADV Training?

You're not just on a patch of dirt

We weave together KEY TRAINING drills with actual ADVENTURE RIDING in real world scenarios.

You'll be riding with other riders in beautiful landscapes and various surfaces.

We're not just riding in a closed course. You'll experience all sorts of challenging surfaces. We ride on real terrain, working on specific techniques in a variety of situations.

And we'll be there on every twist to help you out. The best experience with our best trainers.

Image of Bend Oregon off-road adventure motorcycle training with the mountains

Available Training Bikes

2019+ Honda CB500X

Seat Height: 32.7 in
Curb Weight: 430lbs
Fuel Capacity:
4.6 gal
Displacement: 471cc Parallel Twin

Honda Africa Twin

Seat Height: 33.5/34.3 in
Curb Weight: 511 lb
Fuel Capacity: 4.96 gal
Displacement: 998 cc

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Seat Height: 35.4/36.2 in
Curb Weight: 533 lb
Fuel Capacity: 6.4 gal
Displacement: 998 cc

Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 (2020+)

Seat Height: 33.5/34.3 in
Curb Weight: 505 lb
Fuel Capacity: 5.0 gal
Displacement: 1084 cc

KTM 890 Adventure Motorcycle Side Profile

KTM 890 Adventure

Seat Height: 33.4 in / 850 mm
Curb Weight: 464 lb
Fuel Capacity: 5.3 gal / 20 LDisplacement: 889cc

KTM 890 R Adventure Motorcycle Side Profile

KTM 890 Adventure R

Seat Height: 34.6 in / 880 mm
Curb Weight:
464 lb
Fuel Capacity: 5.3 gal / 20 L
Displacement: 88cc


Seat Height: 34.4 in / 874mm
Curb Weight: 452 lb / 205kg
Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gal
Displacement: 689 cc


Adventure Motorcycle Training Overview


  • ADV Training Locations:
    Each training starts and finishes in the same spot. We have three locations with multiple dates.
    • Bend, Oreon - Closest Airport is Redmond, Oregon (RDM)
    • Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)
    • Northern BAJA California - Leaves from San Diego (SAN) and spend one night in Northern Baja
  • Training Format:
    Adventure Training Expedition - riding and stopping occasionally to work on specific drills and terrain challenges  Focusing on the fundamentals, practice makes perfect!
  • Competency Level:
    Designed for Riders with at least l000+ miles of previous motorcycle riding experience, and either no experience off-pavement, or a modest amount of simple off-pavement riding prior to participating. This training is about working on basics to create self-sufficient riders, building your dual sport confidence and capability from the ground-up.
  • Duration:
    2 Training Days (out and back each day.) Option to expand your riding plans by renting the same bike. Go explore on your own and save $150 in rental fees.  
    • Honda CB50X ABS - $130/day. 
    • KTM 690 Enduro R - $150/day. 
    • Yamaha Tenere 700 - $150/day. 
    •  KTM 790 Adventure/R - $180/day. 
    • Honda Africa Twin/Adventure Sport CRF1000 - $160/day. 
    • Honda Africa Twin/Adventure Sport CRF1100 (2020+) - $170/day. 
  • Training Route & Terrain:
    Approximately 50-75 mile loops each Training Day. Multiple different types of REAL WORLD terrain. Lava rock, pumice, moondust, hills, logs, maybe even a creek crossing or two.   
  • Group size:
    Typically 5-10 bikes
  • Motorcycles available for rent on this trip:
    BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike,) or rent our Honda CB500X, Yamaha Tenere 700, Honda Africa Twin/Adventure Sports, or KTM 790 Adventure/R


What's Included & What's Not

We're making our ADV Moto Trainings as flexible as possible. You have the option to BYOB (bring your own bike), or rent one from fleet. Each of our bikes come equipped with mounted moto gear, like a tank bag and cell phone mount. You can also book a hotel with us or do it on your own. We'll also all gather for dinner each night, if you're interested. 

What's Included:

  • 2-Days of professional adventure moto riding coaching and feedback (we use video so you can see how it looks from our perspective). 
  • RIDE Adventures SWAG
  • Real-world training experience on various terrain, not a closed course. 

Optional Packages:

  • Bike Rental Package: Rent a bike from our fleet. Comes with Giant Loop tank bag and basic crash protection. See training pages for bike rental prices. 

What's Not Included:

  • Flights
  • Accommodations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Fuel
  • Personal, Medical, or Travel Insurance
  • Fully Refundable Security Deposit (not included in training price and applies when you rent from our fleet)

Prefer Private Training, or Advanced Training

Contact Us - Or feel free to ask us any questions below.

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Can't Take Our ADV Training?

Try some Free Guides

We live, eat, and breath adventure travel. One area we love is doing it on two wheels.

Our team has guided tours all over the world. We know a thing or two about ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL - and you can get what we know here.


We've put together a playlist just for you.

Get a deeper look at what you're going to learn in our RIDE Adventures Training Expeditions.

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Yes you can! You'll still get two days of coaching by our experienced guides, but on your own motorcycle.

And you still get a RIDE Adventures shirt and some SWAG.

Yes. The techniques and skills we practice in our off-road training can be applied to any motorcycle. However, we do require that your motorcycle be street legal, and have the capacity to drive 100 miles between fuel stops. We will be riding on public roads to get to different locations. We also request that your motorcycle be equipped for off-road riding.

Yes. While most of our rental bikes are twin cylinder adventure bikes, which bike you choose to ride for fundamentals and skills development should be more about 'which bike fits you,' than what matches our fleet.

Yes, we have several riders do this. It's a great way to save $150 on the price of renting a bike just for your own ride.

Just be sure to indicate which extra dates you'd like the bike rental to be for. Our training locations are surrounded by great dual sport routes, and you have the option to take advantage of those opportunities to work on your skillset and enjoy the surroundings.

This information will be provided upon confirmation of a reservation. We'll have emails that go into details where we'll meet and what you need to bring.

If you rent a bike from our fleet you'll get a Giant Loop Tank Bag. It can hold your lunch, water, and documents. Our bikes also have the Quad Lock Smartphone base mounting system. But we don't have specific Quad Lock Smartphone cases, this you should source on your own.