Image of Bend, Oregon Off-Road ADV Training Expedition Training Date June 24-25 2023 (Intermediate to Advanced ADV) SOLD OUT Rent a Bike or Bring Your Own BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike)
Eric from RIDE Adventures on our off-road training
Brandon and Eric from RIDE Adventures
Keith from RIDE Adventures explaining technique to customers.
Customers of RIDE adventures listing to instructor for the RIDE off-road training course
RIDE Adventures off-road training customers listening to trainer.
REAL life moto adv off-road training up a hill.
Honda Africa Twins - almost literally twins - during out off-road ADV training.
Adventure Motorcycle Riders look at the Cascade mountains on RIDE Adventures off-road training.
Off-Road ADV Training Group with RIDE adventures
Lunch at 3 creeks lake during RIDE adventures off-road training
Moto and mountains on RIDE adventures ADV training
Tyler Training customers on how to use your hips when riding a motorcycle
Tyler with RIDE Adv in Bend Moto Training

Bend, Oregon Off-Road ADV Training Expedition

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You must have riding experience and proper gear to train with RIDE Adventures. We prefer at least 1000 miles of relevant motorcycle experience. That means riding on street, dirt, or using heavier bikes. Please contact us for any questions.

Location: Bend, Oregon USA


  • Dual sport adventure riding with multiple-daily training sessions along the way!
  • We'll show you what to do, let you do it, and then update you on what might work better. You'll get instant feedback right away. 
  • Enhance your technique on sand sections, hill climbs, ruts, rocks, gravel riding, off-camber terrain, descents, turn-arounds, packing, and more.
  • Regional wildlife sightings and damn good scenic locations to train in. 
  • Ride away as a more confident, capable, safe and fun-having rider thanks to our mutual commitment to your growth as a rider.

 ***If you prefer PRIVATE TRAINING or have a solid group of 5 to 8 buddies all looking for training get in touch with us today, use the form below***

Adventure Ready Training

Unlock the full potential of your off-road adventures with our Adventure Ready Course! Take your skills to new heights and conquer any trail with confidence, as our hands-on exercises, practical demonstrations, and real-world scenarios equip you with the essential knowledge and techniques needed to excel in off-road travel. Don't miss this opportunity to become the ultimate adventure rider. Limited availability at our Bend training location only! More info - Adventure Ready Course

If you haven't, check out the ADV Moto Training Overview Page for more info. 

RIDE Adventures Terms & Conditions

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Training Start & Finish: Bend, Oregon

Type/Format of Package: RIDE Adventures Off-Road Training Expeditions for ADV riders is a very DIFFERENT form of training. We'll be learning the fundamentals, then riding to practice these skills, and getting direct feedback from the instructors. Learning and practicing on REAL terrain that you'll find all over the world is very different, unique, and we think the best way to become a better rider.

Riding Skills/Competency Level: Designed for Riders with at least l000+ miles of previous motorcycle riding experience, and either no experience off-pavement, or a modest amount of simple off-pavement riding prior to participating. This training is about working on basics to create self-sufficient riders, building your dual sport confidence and capability from the ground-up.

Duration: 2 Training Days (out and back each day.) Option to expand your riding plans by renting the same bike you've been training on for extra days, to explore more of the beautiful riding atmosphere around us.

Training Route & Terrain: Approximately 50-75 mile loops each Training Day

Weather Statistics: Check Bend Weather

Group size: Typically 5-10 bikes (including instructors)

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) - You get 2 Days of professional instruction and coaching by our experienced guides on your own motorcycle. We'll also throw a RIDE Adventures shirt & some swag your way.

Rental Included - Same as above plus motorcycle rental of your choice, Giant Loop Tank Bag, Required 3rd Party Liability Insurance, Quad Lock Smartphone base mounting system, and Basic crash protection

Not Included:

-Visas if necessary per your passport
-Personal Items, gifts, snacks, etc.
-Special activities (rafting, fishing, etc.)
-Meals, Alcohol, Fuel
-Quad Lock Case specific to your smartphone
-Personal, Medical, Trip or Travel Insurance
-Fully Refundable Security Deposit for rentals (*Please inquire on specific costs associated with your requested rental or tour package)

If you're not bringing your own bike you can rent one of ours. Each bike will have a tank bag for your daily gear. Our bikes are also equipped with a Quad Lock Phone Mount BASE, we don't supply the specific case for your phone.

Seat heights for each bike listed in the drop down menu above.

Rental Motorcycle of your choice:

-Honda CB500X = $400
-Yamaha Tenere 700 = $440
-KTM 790 Adventure / R = $500
-Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 = $460
-Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 (2020+) = $480

Motorcycle Training in Bend, oregon

There is no better place to take a training expedition than in Bend. But we're a little partial, it's our home.

RIDE Adventures is headquartered in Bend and we know all the great places to see. When you train with us here you'll be training in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range.

Depending on when you take your training course there is a chance you'll experience a WIDE variety of terrain including mud, snow, sand, and scree. A true test for any ADV rider.

Intro to Intermediate
What's the Difference

If you don't think you'll get anything from our of-road training expeditions, think again!

We've trained worldwide moto travelers with very basic off-road skills. We've also trained beginner ADV riders who were already highly skilled. Each type has something to gain.

So are you a beginner or advanced rider? Do the self assessment below.

Intro ADV

The "Intro to ADV" training is for riders that have never been off-road or have several years of off-road experience but lack basic fundamental technique and good habits.

You will learn the basic fundamentals and proper technique to build your confidence and elevate your riding to the next level. Fast track years of progression in just one weekend!

Intermediate to Advanced ADV

The "Intermediate to Advanced" training is for riders that feel they already have a solid fundamental foundation and confidence off-road but have hit a plateau in their progression or just want to fast track their progression to the next level.

In this training we will review the same fundamentals as the "Intro to ADV" course, adding in some advanced techniques, while practicing on more challenging technical terrain at a faster pace.

Intro Self Assessment

You might be an INTRO off-road ADV rider if when riding off-road:

🏍 You find it hard to multi-task (talk through your mic and drive) at the same time.

🏍 You have several crashes or near crashes or drop your bike frequently

🏍 You get exhausted riding off-road and need to take frequent breaks.

Intermediate+ Self Assessment

You might be an intermediate+ off-road ADV rider if when riding off-road:

🏍 You don't have a problem multi-tasking, you can chat and ride easily most of the time.

🏍 Crashes or drops don't happen often. You might have a few near misses.

🏍 Riding off-road doesn't tire you out and you can travel somewhat long distances off-road.

See what Other Trainees say


"The training and instruction yesterday was phenomenal. Each of your team’s direction and insights at the group and individual level was incredibly helpful, I walked away with a lot more confidence than I arrived with. Expect to hear from me in the future for some of your guided trips."

RIDE Adventures Instructor Keith explaining how to balance during our ADV off-road training expedition
2022 Training Year
In Bend, Oregon

"I enjoyed the training more than any other I have attended. The combination of focused skills training with instructor demonstrations and then putting the skills to practice in real life riding was a great learning structure. Your training program is unique, it was training and an adventure ride all rolled into one fantastic weekend!"

2022 Training Year
In Bend, Oregon

"I was honestly blown away, I didn't expect to be able to ride this much and learn this many off-road skills, this expedition has certainly helped me gain more confidence. The coaching team was incredibly talented and knowledgeable."

2022 Training Year
In Bend, Oregon
So what kind of stuff will I learn?

 First we're going to jump into the foundations like what gear you need, getting familiar with the bike, clutch and throttle control, body position.

Then we're going to build on that foundation and transfer what we know into usable skills. Such as slipping the clutch, using your feet to steer, balancing the bike, throttle and clutch together.

Image of Bend Oregon off-road adventure motorcycle training with the mountains
Foundational Skills in Action

During the whole process of developing and building your foundation we're going to be on a true adventure expedition right near Las Vegas, Nevada.

We're going to build your skill and immediately use those skills in a REAL WORLD setting.

The type of terrain, obstacles, and exercises we'll practice will be similar to many of our training videos.

We have a full video training playlist available on our YouTube Channel.

Book Your Own Hotel

Plan your own accommodations, use our map below. Our meeting spot is marked below.