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RIDE Adventures started as an adventure motorcycle tour company. For over a decade we've made EPIC worldwide motorcycle adventures easy. We have thousands of miles and countless hours beating the life out of our gear. With our experience, we want to help you find the best parts and gear for your next adventure.

We Want To Help You Become a Confident Rider
RIDE Adventures is a team of experienced motorcycle and 4x4 adventure guides and travelers helping you explore the world. It's an understatment to say that we LOVE helping riders experience a trip of a lifetime. But, during our work as guides it was clear that riders wanted more.

Many people taking our tours are new to adventure riding. Riding a motorcycle for days on end requires special preparation, additional motorcycle skills, and a complete mental shift from your typical road rider.

To help adventure riders we're adding resources and expanding our services. We've added ADV Expedition Training so you can develop your off-road riding skills and confidence. We've been hard at work creating videos on and blogs about bikes, gear, and tips. And now we're bringing you the best adventure gear at your fingertips.

Check out our other resources below.

ADVenture Training

Adventure Motorcycle Training Expeditions: Develop Your Off-Road Riding Skills and Confidence!

More About Moto Training

YouTube Channel

This has been a really fun project. Our YouTube Channel has gear reviews, bike reviews, and tons of tips.

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Ride Adventures Blog

We don't just blog about basic fluff stuff. We get down to the nit and grit of gear, bikes, and how to ride.

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Our Team of Adventure Seekers

Eric Lange

Amazing what has become of RIDE Adventures since launching the business as a simple Motorcycle Tour & Rental Operation, starting with the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina back in 2010. All these years later, my Teammates and I have helped thousands of riders from around the world not only in their international travel endeavors, but also in preparing themselves for these trips with the right riding gear selections, motorcycle parts, and adventure riding training. 

As time rolls on, our YouTube Channel has not only become a series of fun projects and mountains of laughs for us, but it's proven to be a great way to connect with so many of you around the world who want to become a better rider, and also wonder "which is the right gear for me?" Our expertise on such matters come from long experience as motorcycle tour guides in the various regions we operate in around the world, and my own particular set-up (as of 2022) can even be seen on this Ultimate All-Weather ADV Gear Setup video. In the end, our sincere hope is that we help you make the right choice, the first time.

Help yourself to our many product review videos, blog posts, product descriptions, and all the info we provide to guide you in your purchasing decisions, and we'll back-up your purchases with Top-Tier Customer Service and product selection. Give us your feedback on how we're doing, and whether or not you enjoy your purchase. We'll constantly be working with the manufacturers we represent to channel your feedback to them as directly as possible, which in the end means longer-lasting, higher-performing, and the best in product evolution for all of us.

Eric Lange
RIDE Adventures

Jeff Taylor

Hey Rider - welcome to the Ride Adventures Store. I have a background in digital marketing, product management, and fueling start up ideas. I'm also a Type A adventure traveler who just loves to get to new places and do new things. I frequently do cave expeditions, canyoneering trips, overland trips (truck and moto), climb mountains, backpack, mountainbike, with an occasional stroll down the beach in a fast boat. 

So it made perfect sense to jump on with the RIDE Adventure team and start helping build one of the best resources for adventure riders you can find. Our goal is to create a space where anyone interested in adventure riding can get find the info they're looking for. RIDE Adventures already provides worldwide adventure motorcycle tours for those who are experienced riders. We also have in person off-road adventure rider training for those of you need a refresher, or an intro into what it takes to become an experienced rider. We have a blog and YouTube channel that covers a wide range adventure riding topics. And now we'll have a store where you can take find the perfect gear for the type of trip you're planning to ride. Have fun, and reach out if you have questions. 

Jeff Taylor
Ecommerce Department
RIDE Adventures

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