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KLIM Viper Replacement Lens With Roll Offs

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Introducing the Viper Lens/Roll Offs - Enhance Your Adventure Motorcycle Experience!

Get ready to take your adventure motorcycle rides to a whole new level with the Viper Lens/Roll Offs. Designed for those seeking unbeatable clarity and protection, these replacement lenses with a built-in roll-off system are a game-changer. No matter if you're tearing up off-road trails or cruising on the open road, these lenses will revolutionize your riding experience.

Say goodbye to blurry vision and hello to crystal-clear views with the Viper Lens/Roll Offs. Crafted with utmost precision, these lenses deliver unrivaled optical clarity. Every obstacle, twist, and turn will be easily spotted, allowing you to stay safe and in control. No more squinting or straining your eyes, just pure clarity.

But that's not all! The roll-off system is here to ensure your vision remains unobstructed, even in the muddiest and wettest conditions. No more worrying about mud splatters or raindrops blocking your view. Stay focused on conquering new adventures, no matter the weather!


  • Replacement lenses with built-in roll-off system
  • Unrivaled optical clarity for crystal-clear views
  • Enhances visibility of obstacles, twists, and turns
  • Keeps vision unobstructed in muddy or wet conditions
  • Designed specifically for adventure motorcyclists


  • Improved safety and control on off-road trails
  • Enhanced riding experience with clear vision
  • No more squinting or straining your eyes
  • Stay focused on conquering new adventures
  • Weather-proof design for all conditions

Upgrade your adventure motorcycle gear today with the Viper Lens/Roll Offs. Experience the unbeatable clarity and protection that will take your rides to new heights!

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